African Biosciences Ltd Molecular Biology Experience for Undergraduates (MOBEX)


African Biosciences Ltd
Molecular Biology Experience for Undergraduates (MOBEX)
Molecular Biology Experience for Undergraduates (MOBEX) program is designed to provide a one-day intensive experience in molecular biology for life science students. Most undergraduates complete their degree programs with little or no hands-on experience with modern molecular biology. This one-day program provides some experience to round up their education. It is designed for undergraduates only.

  • Provide a rich one-day experience in molecular biology for undergraduates along with incorporating molecular biotechniques into student research projects.
  • To stimulate undergraduates towards future careers and economic opportunities in the life science industry

  • DNA Extraction
  • Standard PCR Amplification
  • Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis
  • Rudiments of Bioinformatics
  • Incorporation of Molecular Biotechniques into research projects
Students must have taken one course in general biochemistry or molecular biology that includes some chemistry of nucleic acids. Working in pairs, students will perform some hands-on exercises in molecular biology techniques.

The program is designed for bulk pricing; therefore, a minimum number of students are required to sign up to hold the 1-day program. Departments are encouraged to partner together to be able to get sufficient number of students.

Price per student in Ibadan:
8,000 (minimum of 12 students)
6,000 (minimum of 15 students)
5,000 (minimum of 20 students)

Price per student outside Ibadan:
10,000 (minimum of 12 students)
8,000 (minimum of 15 students)
6,000 (minimum of 20 students)

The 1-day course lasts from 8 AM – 6 PM. Students should plan for a one-hour break for lunch on their own.

Training Manager
Adeniyi Adekunle
Marketing Officer
Ginika Okoye

Admin/Customer Service Officer
Joseph Ekuase

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