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Research students busy in African Biosciences Molecular Biology Lab in Ibadan

African Biosciences Ltd Research Package (ABL-RP)

African Biosciences Ltd (ABL) introduces the first all-in-one research package (RP) to the Nigerian bioscience research community. ABL-RP provides a convenient package for bioscience research with a focus on molecular biology-oriented research projects and comes with flat rate pricing directed at BSc, MSc and PhD students interested in serious and meaningful biomolecular research in plants, animals, humans and microbes. The packages provide:
v  Project Design Service (Assistance with topic and proposal development).
v  Reagents and Supplies (one-stop access to all supplies required).
v  Lab-For-Rent Services (Student performs bench work in our lab).
v  Contract Research Services (Company performs bench work).
v  Provision of Up-To-Date Literature (full length papers).
v  Basic Data Analysis.

·      Students must be enrolled in a degree program at an accredited University or tertiary institution recognized by the relevant authorities.
·      Projects must be approved by the supervisor or research committee.
·      Projects must fall within the purview and expertise of African Biosciences Ltd as determined from the completed detailed form.
·      Scope of work must generally meet the following business days of lab work: 10 days for BSc (2 weeks), 20 days for MSc (1 month) and 60 days for PhD (3 months). Contract research service days may vary from these.
·      Customers must pay 50% upfront to proceed. We also offer a payment plan to help with affordability.
·      Groups of students may band together to get additional discounts.
·      Academic departments can get bulk discount for groups of their students who sign up for ABL-RP.
·      For non-thesis projects, please contact us at

Researchers working on the Agarose gel electrophoresis Unit

Promotional Price Ranges*

BSc 120,000 - 350,000

MSc 500,000 - 1.5 million

PhD 800,000 - 3.5 million

Prices per project (limited to 4 students per project for BSc and 2 students per project for MSc). Price ranges reflect complexity, scope, sample size and duration.

Projects may include techniques from among the following: DNA and RNA extraction, PCR primer design, standard PCR, RT-PCR, Real Time PCR (qPCR), de-novo SNP identification, SNP genotyping, PCR-RFLP, Sanger DNA sequencing, basic bioinformatics analysis and basic molecular data analysis.

(These prices exclude projects that require ELISA, Western Blots, molecular cloning, protein expression, in-vitro assays, next generation sequencing of DNA and RNA, genome editing, advanced bioinformatics and genome assembly).

[*promotional pricing is subject to change without notice. Low starting prices apply to bulk discount for groups per project. Company reserves the right to determine if project falls within these price ranges. Other terms and conditions apply].

For more information, Contact us at:
02-291 8716


  1. Good, I am impressed with this development. Forward ever, backward never ABL.
    Zikrullah A. Yusuf

  2. I am a 400l biochemistry student from lautech please can I have my IT done in your lab