Basic Genomics and Bioinformatics Workshop, 21st - 25th August

Biotech training workshop in Nigeria

African Biosciences Ltd presents a biosciences training workshop in basic Genomics and Basic Bioinformatics from 
21st – 25th August, 2017 at the University of Ibadan.


This workshop is aimed at senior undergraduate, postgraduate students, lecturers and scientists in the biological and life sciences.


This workshop is designed to introduce concepts of genomics and it also assumes that participants have little or no knowledge. The workshop consists of 2 modules, lasting 5 days from Monday to Friday. Each module is free standing and independent and may be taken individually or together. Participants are required to have and bring their own laptops with a minimum of 1 GB RAM. Free high speed 4G WiFi access will be provided at the workshop.

Course Description

Basic Genomics

Theory and practice of modern genetics. Chromosomal theory of inheritance, structure and organization of genetic material in the cell, chromosomes, genes and alleles. Genome structure in prokaryotes and eukaryotes, gene expression and regulation. Basics of recombinant DNA technology and application of molecular techniques. Lab exercises include nucleic acid extraction PCR primer design and amplification; PCR amplification; PCR-RFLP and agarose gel electrophoresis.
* Duration: 3 days

Basic Bioinformatics

This course involves a guided tour of biological sequences databases for DNA, RNA and protein, and introduction to bioinformatics resources and methods for biologists. The course covers accessing, searching, retrieving and analyzing molecular data. Participants will learn about public domain molecular data to design research projects in animal and plant biology, microbiology and biomedical and health sciences. Lab exercises include an overview of NCBI resources, BLAST and sequence alignments and basics of sequence alignments.
* Duration: 2 days