TRIsureTM is a perfect blend of convenience and result.  It is a broad spectrum quick and ready-to-use reagent from Bioline for the extraction of RNA, DNA and protein from the same sample in a sequential precipitation process.  TRIsureTM is optimized to produce ultra-pure isolates of RNA, DNA and proteins which results in high performance downstream analyses.  TRIsureTM is a column free extraction method which produces a high yield that meets a wide range of needs in bioscience research.

The capability to extract the 3 molecules of life (DNA, RNA and Protein) from the same sample, regardless of the size, lends itself to studies in epigenetics and also offers flexibility and convenience in research. Being a broad spectrum, TRIsureTM can be used to isolate RNA, DNA, and proteins from a wide range of samples.

Downstream analysis that can be performed on the molecules extracted using TRIsureTM include: reverse transcription, microarray, hybridization assays, one step Real time qPCR, northern blotting and  in vitro translation on RNA; Southern blotting, PCR, and sequencing on DNA; western blotting, immunoprecipitation and enzymatic assay on protein.

This is how the sequential precipitation works:  the biological sample is homogenized in TRIsureTM , after which the mixture is treated with chloroform and allowed to separate into phases (the aqueous upper phase, the interphase, and the organic phase).  RNA is extracted from the decanted aqueous layer by precipitating with isopropyl alcohol.  DNA is precipitated from the organic phase by treating with ethanol, while protein is extracted from the supernatant of the organic phase (after precipitating out the DNA) by treating with isopropyl alcohol.

·         Capability to extract DNA, RNA and protein from the same sample.
·         Column free extraction which produces high and quality yield.
·         RNase inhibitory property, which prevents degradation of extracted RNA.
·         Speed: Turn around time of 60 minutes
·         Ultra-pure isolates: Total RNA without any trace of DNA, and DNA with no protein and phenol contaminants.
·         Easy to use

·         Bacterial cells
·         Other cell and tissue cultures
·         Plant tissues
·         Animal tissues (including blood and serum)

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