Product Review: Plant gDNA Mini Kit


Plant gDNA Mini Kit

XcelGen plant DNA mini kit is designed for the rapid purification of genomic DNA from a variety of fresh & dry plant materials like leaves tissues, roots. The plant samples are homogenized under high chaotropic buffer followed by removal of contamination.

The resultant lysate is transfer to silica membrane, which help in selective binding of DNA in presence of high salt. Following binding of DNA to the silica membrane, contaminants are washed away and pure genomic DNA is eluted.

Technical Specifications
  •  Yield: Up to 20 µg of plant gDNA 
  • Preparation time: less than 60 minutes 
  • Sample: 50 mg of dry or fresh tissue 
  • Elution volume: 100 µl
Features and Benefits
  • Complete removal of pigment, polysaccharide and other impurities 
  • Efficient recovery of high molecular weight gDNA 
  • Column based purification, no organic extraction
  • Purified DNA suitable for PCR, Restriction Digestion, hybridization, NGS Sample preparation, Sequencing
  • PCR, 
  • Restriction Digestion, 
  • Hybridization
Customer Testimonials
We used plant gDNA isolation kit for extraction from sugarcane and tobacco leaves. We recieved very good DNA yield in terms of quality and quantity.
- Dr. K. Harinath Babu, Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering Laboratory Vasantdada Sugar Institute

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