2016 African Biosciences Ltd Research Grant Competition For Postgraduate Student


Brief Description: 

The 2016 African Biosciences Ltd research grant competition is a research competition organised by African Biosciences Ltd a subsidiary of the US-based African Biosciences Corporation for postgraduate students in all Nigerian Universities.


All postgraduate students in Nigerian Universities in the Agricultural, Biological life and Medical sciences.

Grant Benefit: 

1. Successful applications willbe awarded lab-for-rent research support under the MyLabBenchTMservice of African Biosciences Ltd to use our modern well-equipped research laboratory in Ibadan at no cost and as well as additional discounts on reagents and supplies purchased from our African Biosciences Marketplace. 

2. The top 3 successful winners of MSc project awards may use the lab for 3 months and top 3 winners of PhD project awards may use the lab for up to 6 months. 

3. They will also be entitled to use services provided under MyProjectDesignerTM, MyThesisReportTM, MyResearchAdviserTM , MyPublicationAssistantTMand MyDataAnalystTM 

4. Although this award does not give actual cash to winners, the free access to the research lab for 3 and 6 months, use of other services above and discounts on purchased reagents and supplies are valued at more than ₦600,000 and ₦900,000 for MSc and PhD awardees respectively. 

5. There will be 10 consolation prizes to use other services of African Biosciences Ltd such as free attendance of training workshops, MyProjectDesignerTM, MyThesisReportTM, MyResearchAdviserTM,MyPublicationAssistantTM or MyDataAnalystTM. The service added to lab use is at the discretion of African Biosciences Ltd. 

6. Grant recipients would be required to purchase kits and reagents they need for their projects. For addition Info on Application Submission format and deadline visit http://www.africanbio.com/research-grant-competition/ or mail grants@africanbio.com

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